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The Property Management Collective

Why Choose Us

Why we are different?

We like to think that Property is not just bricks and mortar, we believe that Property is a People Business. At The Property Management Collective (“The PMC”) we are a people focused property management company that believes there is not just two sides of the coin, but three.

Landlords provide the roof as one side of the coin, tenants living under the roof as the other side, and us in the middle or the edge of that same coin where we create a smooth, positive and less stressful experience of owning and living in an investment property. Not only is this one of the key pillars that drives us, but what gets us out of bed each day.

The Property Management Collective is just that, a collective which brings together more than just a few forms here and there, but everything you need under one roof. We are not just your standard real estate agency, we are a business based solely and wholly around property management and place high importance on bringing to the table a people based model to our business that harnesses all things property through our property management and service focus to protect your property portfolio growth management through services such as, maintenance, renovations advice and assistance, project management, quantity surveying, acquisitions and transactions advice, risk management strategies, property and project sales to fulfill your every want and need.

We don’t just lease your property, collect rent, organise repairs and maintenance when the need arises and carry out routine inspections, we do much more in the life cycle of your investment property. You own or rent in an investment property right? So what’s the purpose of an investment property? To provide you with a financial return. We want to ensure that your property is performing for you at its best, that we are helping save you interest where possible on your mortgage by providing more frequent payments to your account, budgeting for future repairs, maintenance and renovations, ensuring you are up to date and taking advantage of varied tax opportunities, to grow your investment portfolio.

We work closely with your tenant to ensure they are not left out of the loop here, maintaining good tenant relationships from day one is important to us, this means less problems, more care taken in maintaining your property and a positive experience for all.

Old ways won't open new doors

We like to think that Property is not just bricks and mortar, we believe that Property is a People Business. At The Property Management CollectiveWe are a people focused property management company that believes there is not just two sides of the coin, but three.

Accessible & transparent

Transparent data on how your property and tenancy is performing, accessible at any time on any device with the ability to consolidate your investment portfolio for ease of mind.

Personal people centric ethos

We are in a people business first and foremost so having dedicated relationship managers who you will get to know over the lifetime of your investment and they will get to know you is one of our key pillars.

Immediate payments

We don’t hold onto your rental income, no need to wait until mid or end of month for payments. As soon as your tenants pay us, we pay you.

Growth of your property portfolio

We are always looking at ways to help you increase your investment portfolio with access to property and project sales, acquisitions and transaction advice.

Tenant care

Our relationship with your tenants matter, we focus on a people model and the importance this plays in the life cycle of your investment property. We aim to attract and retain high quality tenants who look after your property as if it were their own.

Cost saving

We look to save you money wherever possible through ensuring our referral partners are providing competitive rates, interest on your mortgage through more frequent payments, take advantage of varied tax opportunities, budgeting for future maintenance & capital improvements, minimizing vacancy and the list goes on.


At The Property Management Collective we believe in making sure that every point of contact in our business is fostered to make sure we are always connecting the dots. When we say connecting the dots we mean between our clients, those that will one day be our clients, and those that render key services in the properties we take pride in servicing.

Property Management should not simply be a service that is a forgotten function being allocated limited resources, where both tenants and landlords get forgotten about with no rhyme or reason, but one that facilitates every touch point of delivery to allow your home to be exactly that, your refuge and a place to unwind.

The above being said we pride ourselves in connecting the dots by partnering with local service providers and businesses to bring the best service to the table in a collective nature.

We are looking to partner with those that hold values of quality outcomes and are happy to offer the below referral opportunity for those that believe they too can assist in serving our clients to the fullest.

We will offer:

  • $50 gift card for BWS, Dan Murpheys, BCF, Supercheap, Bunnings for any referred property managements that come on board with us
  • Continued work and tender options for any trades referred property managements that come on board with us

Personal assistance by our team of experts

The directors have brought over 40 years of collective property experience nationally & internationally to the table in a drive to change and shift this sector of the industry to create a client and customer centric focus utilising the transparency of technology, agility and good old fashioned care.


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