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When buying property within someone else, it is essential that all facts, figures and past financial dealings are discussed to ensure that strategies can be implemented to address any issues in the financial process


All parties need to use candour to review joint finances. It is critical that all parties are transparent about:

  • Salary
  • student loans
  • savings
  • credit card debt
  • cars loans
  • any other issues that affect a party’s financial history.

Credit history is a significant factor considered by lenders, so it’s essential for all parties to get a copy of your credit file before applying for a loan. A good credit score allows you to shop around and get the best deals. Your mortgage broker can also use this as an additional tool to assist in negotiations with lenders.

Each party’s financial position will be scrutinized as part of the home loan application process so you should know up front what your chances are of being approved in a joint application.