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There is more involved in picking the best property investment than you may realise!  Points that you need to consider when making the right choice include:

  • Change and growth of a suburb
  • Liveability
  • Suburb statistics
  • Budget

You need to make some informed choices about the facts and figures.  Setting out to do this alone can be mind boggling unless you have experience, skills and knowledge about the property market.  You can also perhaps be misguided making decisions on the basis of your own personal preferences about particular suburbs or type of property.  Do you have the time to get good grasp on?

  • Capital growth
  • Rental returns
  • Tenant occupancy rates
  • Conveniences that people look at when buying or renting a home
  • Entry level affordability
  • Census statistics
  • Property position


You may think that you know the “best” suburbs to spend your hard earned cash on.  If you are lucky you may be right.  Don’t leave these important decisions to chance or luck.  You need to rely upon comprehensive statistics about:
rental yield

  • rental vacancy rates
  • demand from buyers (number of sales)
  • historical capital growth data.

In addition to all the points above. make in-person visits to your preferred properties to give you a feel for traffic noise, crime and general vibe of the location. Also consider thinking “outside of the box” Remember that with every great suburb it has a poor neighbour!  Capital growth tends to ripple out to adjoining suburbs, so don’t discount the poor cousin when looking at properties.

At The PMC, our property experts are in the know about all of the above factors.  We will help you find the perfect investment property or new home.  We shortlist the properties from our database according to your identified criteria and preferences.  We do all the research and the running around to save, not waste your precious time.  We take you on the journey and help steer and navigate each and every step.

The PMC has access to thousands of properties!  With our proven formula, property experts and fountain of properties across all requirements, we can provide solutions to all of our clients.   Regardless of whether you are buying for the first time, an investment property or making a move to a different lifestyle, tell us the qualities that you are looking for, and we will find it!

The best news yet is that our services to you will cost you NOTHING. $0 and Zero commitment from you.  Call one of our experts today and experience what we can offer to you!