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Regardless of what you might think, you don’t need a bulging bank account to get started in an investment. The process of building a solid portfolio can begin with just a few thousand—or even a few hundred—dollars.  We cover some smart moves for low-rollers to kickstart a savings and investment program. These steps should help get your plans off on the right track, whether you’re planning to invest a little or a quite a lot, in safe bets or high-risk gambles.


Set aside a certain amount in savings every month and reap rewards in the long run. If you lack the willpower or organisation to do that alone, automate it with help from technological support through various smartphone/computer applications.

Look at apps or bank offerings that make saving the least painless by rounding up your purchases and other transactions and moving the difference to a specific “savings.”

  • Set aside a certain amount to save regularly
  • Pay off high-interest debts.
  • Take advantage of retirement plans.
  • Focus on low-fee options, at every investment level.
  • Think about the level of risk you are comfortable with, and how that changes over time.
  • Trade up to better choices as your investment pot grows.


Paying off a lot of high-interest debt makes sense before you make investments. While you can’t predict the exact return on most of your investments, you can be certain that retiring debt with a 20% interest rate one year early is as good as earning a 20% return on your moneyAnalyze what it’s costing you to carry debts you already have and consider how to rapidly discharge those debts before you begin to save.

Invest – Your Tax Refund
Receiving your tax refund is one of the few moments in the year where you’re likely to get a windfall that you weren’t already counting on.   Consider setting aside part or all of your tax refund as a way to get started with investing. The Property Management Collective has access to thousands of properties!  With our proven formula, property experts and fountain of properties across all requirements, we can provide solutions to all of our clients. Regardless of whether you are buying for the first time, an investment property or making a move to a different lifestyle, tell us the qualities that you are looking for, and we will find it!

In our next article we make recommendations on investing by amount- make sure that you follow The PMC to get the next article!